Best desk lamps for college dorms

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This table light has a brass base in a step up design beginning with the largest action on the bottom. The sculpted feet really set off this light effectively, and also the glass stem provides the light a trendy yet open feel.

The white fabric shade is 16″, and also it has a 3-way revolving light switch to make sure that you could establish your desired lighting degree. The optimum bulb you should make use of is a 100-watt bulb. There is simply a minor little bit of setting up needed for this Waterford Crystal light that will certainly take all 5 minutes.

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If you wish to spend a little less on your crystal table light but still wish to get a contemporary feel at a discount, take a look at this Crystal Body table light. desk lamps for college dorms This is a beautifully developed light with four glass worlds rising in dimension from top to bottom. It has a white shade that is made to offer ideal lighting while not interfering with the contemporary stem. This light also utilizes the 3-way switch and also an optimum 100-watt bulb.

Now this crystal table light with a modern crystal-like shade is really unique and also contemporary. It certainly is the complete opposite of the antique lamps we simply checked out above!

This light is has a light fixture style lighting from the 3 glass “light tones”. It has a slim stem and also a round base to offer it plenty of support. It is constructed from acrylic and also steel, and also the supplier says it is easy to set up.

It utilizes regular 40-watt light fixture light bulbs which you should be able to get at any kind of equipment store. I am not sure exactly just what kind of lighting this light provides, but it certain is among the most unique, elegant, and also contemporary table lamps readily available! More at

1.Illuminada Swing Arm Desk Lamp

From now on you can illuminate your bedroom, office, college dorm, or desk, with this versatile and traditional styled Swing Arm Desk Lamp since it is perfect for illuminating a small area of your place.

The Illuminada Black Swing Arm Desk Lamp is ideal for your study table or workplace since it has lightweight metal swing with secure clamps onto your table or desk which assure that it won’t fall occasionally.

Also, its black finish feature with an adjustable arm for a wider illumination or pulling the head closer to the work surface for a brighter light illumination which is easy for you to use and change it to any direction you want.

This swing arm desk lamp is ideal for reading, studying, detail, craft, or hobby work which helps you to reduce eye strain yet offers better visual clarity, particularly for sharper details and small print during your work.

2.Verilux SmartLight Curve Desk Lamp from Bed Bath & Beyond

If you’re not looking for anything the least bit traditional, then this desk lamp is more up your alley. It’s also meant to replicate natural daylight so that you can study and read for longer than you would be able to with a regular lamp. Perfect for those of you who plan on pulling all-nighters!

3.Pixo LED Table Lamp by Pablo

Spritely and playful in its design, the Pixo LED table lamp from San Francisco-based Pablo is perfect for both intense study, or a relaxing read with a little down-time. Pixo’s head and arm both rotate 360 degrees, while the arm itself also tilts a full 180 degrees.

Best, Pablo has made a commitment to green design. Not only does the product operate on a miniscule 5 watts, but it ships safely in environmentally-friendly, minimal packaging.

4.Tao Tronics Eye-Caring LED Desk Lamp

Everyone wants a stylish LED desk lamp that would look good on almost any desk which can provide enough illumination for reading at night. Now, the Tao Tronics Eye-Caring LED Desk Lamp is here to offer you what you need.

This Tao Tronices Eye-Caring LED Desk Lamp is the new generation energy-saving and eco-friendly LED desk lamp which is perfect for source for office, home, dorm, and so on. With its elegant and ergonomic design, this lamp is absolutely ideal for your study or reading since it provides enough light dim to support your eyes and allows you to do your work easily without having any blur vision from reading under the light that is too bright.

5.Spot Light Lamp from Target

This is the coolest lamp we’ve found, and it’s perfect for anyone who loves movies! If you’re avoiding boring lamps, then this is the one for you; it’s sure to attract comments from your friends. This would make such a cool addition to any dorm room, especially in this gorgeous teal color.

6.Link Small Floor Lamp by Pablo

The Link Small Floor Lamp takes iconic Pablo aesthetics and performance off the table, and on to the floor. With five vibrant finish options from which to choose, Link is a great choice for many a dorm room.

The body swivels 360 degrees to direct light where you need it most, and the head tilts 180 degrees. 25,000 hours lamp life guarantees the fixture will last well beyond the time spent pursuing a 4-year degree.

7.Newhouse Lighting 3W Energy-Efficient LED Desk Lamp

Don’t want to hurt your eyes while reading or studying at night? Get this Newhouse Lighting 3W Energy-Efficient LED Desk Lamp now to read easily without wearing glasses or turning on the main light.

Ultimate versatility is what the Newhouse LED Flex Clamp Lamp is all about. Designed with a strong clamp to hold it in place, the Flex Clamp Lamp provides you the bright and usable light right where you need for reading.

You can use it in dorm room and clamp it as the furniture or as the perfect bedside reading light, anywhere you want. This light uses the latest in LED technology and delivers quality light while being extremely energy efficient. No light is better than this one, get it now.

8.Horizon LED Desk Lamp by Humanscale

The Horizon LED desk lamp one of the nicest looking LED lamps available. The lamp itself has a diffuser which helps eliminate multiple shadow effect that you get with some lamps with more exposed LED’s.

It has three beautiful finishes and a fantastic overall design. It’s even part of MOMA’s permanent collection. The light is very adjustable and the switch has a night light so you can find it in the dark.

9.Boston Harbor Black Flexible Desk Lamp

Having a small desk next to your bed and need a small desk light that can fit right onto it for your reading at night? This Flexible Desk Lamp is small enough to be on your desk yet provide good light for your reading.

This Boston Harbor Black Flexible Desk Lamp allows you to adjust light to anywhere you need on your desk which is comfortable for reading in any position you want. It is designed with a lamp holder that has an on/off switch and a bullet style shade which is easy for you to switch and look good for your desk in your room. More at