The Best Desk Lamp For Drawing

Best LED Desk Lamp For Drawing

Why You Need An best desk lamp for drawing?

Drawing is a super popular pass-time for many people, and for some, it’s even a job. Having a great light to make sure your art is exactly what you want it to be, is extremely important. Thankfully, there are many options available online and many come at great prices.

Having an LED light over a standard light is a GIANT difference due to the sheer amount of light LED’s produce and the length of time LED’s last. A standard light lasts about 1,000 hours while a normal LED light will last you around 50,000 hours. That is a huge difference, and it gives artists the peace of mind that their light will not burn out any time soon. What To Look For In A Good LED Lamp

There are a few components to finding the best desk lamp for drawing and one of those is illumination. The amount of light the lamp gives off needs to be both strong and weak when you need it to. Having that adjustability will allow for you to draw in any situation and have optimal lighting.

Also, having places to plug in your phone and laptop are a great addition that just add to the versatility of the product. Finally, a low price that you are happy with is possibly the most important aspect of a lamp purchase and ensuring that you will not regret it. More at

The YoStyle LED Desk Lamp

Best LED Desk Lamp For Drawing

This is the LED desk lamp that I use and I think you should to! This lamp provides multiple levels of illumination for whatever project you’re working on, and spreads the light very evenly thanks to many small LED lights instead of just one large one.

This light has 4 USB chargers and 2 outlets so you can charge whatever you need to. It is extremely convenient and does not take up much space, which is great for big projects that may take up a lot of area on your desk.

The position of the lamp is fully adjustable and it comes with an 8.2 foot long extension cord. Finding a low quality lamp that dies on you in a matter of hours is simply not the way to go. Thankfully, you can get this lamp here at a great price online and it will meet all your drawing desires.Honorable Mention!

TW Lighting LED Desk Lamp

best lamp for drawingThe “TW Lighting LED Desk Lamp” is another option for those looking to spend a little less money on their next purchase. This lamp comes in a wide variety of colors and has the same 3-stage dimming LED’s as the previously mentioned lamp. This lamp does only have 1 USB port, however, for many people, that is all they need.

This product has some great reviews and it seems to me that many people really enjoy it! This lamp is about half the price of the original one and has many of the same features. Either way, the two lamps listed here are great options and would do just fine for your next drawing project.